·         There are two Mustafa Kemals. One is the flesh-and-bone Mustafa Kemal who now stands before you and who will pass away. The other is you, all of you here who will go to the far corners of our land to spread the ideals which must be defended with your lives if necessary. I stand for the nation's dreams, and my life's work is to make them come true.


·         This nation has never lived without independence. We cannot and shall not live without it. Either independence or death.


·         Mankind is a single body and each nation is a part of that body. We must never say 'What does it matter to me if some part of the world is aliasing?'. If there is such an illness, we must concern ourselves with it as though we were having that illness.


·         There is another path which we can follow more securely and straightforward: to let the great Turkish women participate in our work; to conduct our life jointly with them, to make the Turkish woman a partner, an associate, an assistant and supporter of the man in the scientific, moral, social and economic domains.


·         Turkish women will also become imbued in science and technology and will go through all levels of education which men undergo.


·         Thereafter, in social life, the women will march along with men and will support and help one another.


·         Everything we see in the world is the creative of women.


·         For the Turk, freedom is his life.


·         Freedom consists of man's ability to do what he thinks and desires, without any influence or intervention of others. This is the widest notion of the concept. Mankind has never attained liberty to this extent and never will. Because as is known, men are creations of Nature and the Nature itself is not absolutely free either; it is subject to universal laws.


·         Unlimited liberties are inconceivable. Even the right to live, the greatest of rights, is not absolute.


·         Civilization is non other than culture itself.


·         Only the teachers and educators are the saviors of nations. A nation wanting of these cannot yet be a nation. It may be called an ordinary mass but not a nation.


·         I forgive them, because I have a heart. They do not forgive me because they have none.


·         Full pleasure and happiness in life can be found only in working for the honour and happiness of future generations.


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